r. crumb's heroes of blues, jazz & country


r. crumb's heroes of blues, jazz & country

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This is a great great GREAT book . . . so great that i never let the stock run low! R. Crumb is the leading cartoonist in the American "underground commix" movement. He is the creator of Mr. Natural, the iconic "Keep on Truckin" T-shirt image, and Fritz the Cat. R. Crumbs Heroes of Blues, Jazz & Country comes from his colorful jazz, blues, & country trading card sets created in the 1980's. They are the images in the book, accompanied with a short bio of each artist and tidbits about their recordings. Best yet, the book includes an 21-track CD featuring blues heroes such as Charley Patton and the Memphis Jug Band; pioneers of country music such as the Weems String Band and Crockett's Kentucky Mountaineers, and early jazz greats such as King Oliver's Creole Band and Jelly Roll Morton and more!

I will always carry this book in my store . . . it's a treasure full of a treasure-trove of early blues legends.

nice handy size: 6"x 7.5"

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