birds at noon birds on a wire cheese platter

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birds at noon birds on a wire cheese platter

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Birds at Noon is the creations of Ruchi Gupta's inspiring illustrated, handcrafted ceramic pieces. Each piece is uniquely inspired by her upbringing in India. Handmade in her Richmond, Virginia. 

This Birds on a Wire Cheese Platter is a large ceramic circular platter featuring an front to back illustrated poem by e.e. cummings.

"Your head is a living forest full of song birds" read the front, followed by the back, "Whereever there are birds, there is hope."

The front illustration features birds in houses, sitting on flags and on the ground. One house is a delicate blue accented with pops of oranges, red and greens. 

The back illustration is a bright sunset hued orange stretching across the whole illustration featuring lines of birds.

This platter is 12" in diameter with a depth of approximately 1.5"

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