birds at noon inside out: tree n pigeon

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birds at noon inside out: tree n pigeon

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Birds at Noon is the creations of Ruchi Gupta's inspiring illustrated, handcrafted ceramic pieces. Each piece is uniquely inspired by her upbringing in India. Handmade in her Richmond, Virginia. 

This inside out: tree n pigeon ceramic plate features a front to back illustration alongside of both a quote by Jalaluddin Mevlana Rumi as well as the poem Typewriter Series #934 by Tyler Knott.

The front illustration features a bright orange pigeon with feather of pink, red, orange and white. Alongside the pigeon reads, "The soul is here for it's own joy." -Rumi

The backside of the plate features an illustration of a grand tree and a nearby bench with two birds. Tyler Knott's poem runs alongside the tree reading, "You are a tree that grew from a seed I never planted. I never bothered asking where you came from, I just started loving the smell of your branches, and falling asleep in your shade."

This ceramic piece measures 10" in diameter and 0.75" in depth.

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