After eating in a restaurant that served on handmade plates, ceramic artist Lisa Neimeth felt motivated to bridge the concept of a “work of art” with something completely useable. She began creating one of a kind handmade tableware using impressed objects and hand-etched design elements. Lisa is drawn to vintage objects, such as broken off pieces from old tourist toys — an old plaster bird or just an arm from a doll — and presses them into clay to capture that object’s shape and form. Her studio, in the middle of San Francisco, is a converted chicken coop in the back of her 1886 dairy farmhouse and full of the objects and treasures she uses in her work. The tableware is made of slab, rich California clays using high and low fired glaze finishes. Her emblematic “etching” and impressed objects make each piece truly unique. The way I order pieces from Lisa is by looking at the colors and images and impressions she's showing, then making up a nice story for my store — and asking her to surprise me using the image and color choices I've made. I feel very honored to carry such lovely handmade functional works of art.

Learn more about Lisa on her website here.

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