grammar capped curve standard necklace


grammar capped curve standard necklace

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GRAMMAR is a studio-based, handcrafted, sculptural jewelry line with an obsession for minimal forms and a belief that what we wear communicates what we stand for as individuals. The work is art inspired and designed for conscientious people who are passionate about leading ethical lives, while supporting small businesses.

Using centuries old ceramics techniques, each piece is made by artist and founder, Sarah Abend. Hand cut, assembled and produced in small batches, the brand is driven by the desire for well-crafted, thoughtful design. Minimal yet bold, the capped curve necklace is a handmade half-moon shaped ceramic pendant hanging from a 32" brass lead & nickel free chain. oHandcrafted in Michigan by Grammar.

1 5/8" high x 2 1/4" wide
32" long

Available in four colors: black, coral, and peacock.

*Ceramic pendants are durable, yet fragile. It may chip or break if dropped on a hard surface. 

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