50 ways to wear a scarf by lauren friedman


50 ways to wear a scarf by lauren friedman

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Ann Arbor born and raised Lauren Friedman, creator of the fashion blog My Closet in Sketches, has written this wonderful how-to book, using her sketching talents to show the many ways to wear a scarf.

From the Audrey to the Paris, the Top Down, or the Easy Breezy, there are 50 scarf styles in this book for any occasion or mood. Jaunty illustrations break down each step so fashion stylistas can wrap, loop, and get out the door looking perfectly polished. Teens, young professionals, and moms alike will love playing around with the looks, including unexpected belts, sarongs, and topknots.

Vibrantly illustrated and packaged as a compact hardcover, 50 Ways to Wear a Scarf begs to be gifted with a scarf and displayed on a dresser . . . plus it's small enough to take scarf shopping. Tres Chic!

128 pages
8.5" X 6.5"

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