cody blomberg 6x6 male summer tanager


cody blomberg 6x6 male summer tanager

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Urban bird spotting and traditional bird art inspire this delightful series from Seattle artist Cody Blomberg who handcrafts bird print plaques are made from his original artwork. With a BFA in theatre design from the University of South Dakota, Cody brings a theatrical eye to his art plaques cottage industry and commissioned art works. Cody's favorite creative outlets are portraits, murals, and wildlife art. His bird print plaques come from his original artwork. The laser printed artwork is adhered to birch plywood, then finished with a clear coat and rich patina.

The addult male summer tanager is entirely bright red. Females and immature males are bright yellow-green—yellower on the head and underparts and slightly greener on the back and wings. The bill is pale. Molting immature males can be patchy yellow and red. Summer Tanagers tend to stay fairly high in the forest canopy, where they sit still and then sally out to catch flying insects in midair, or move slowly along tree branches to glean food. Males have a sweet, whistling song similar to an American Robin; both sexes give a distinctive pit-ti-tuck call note.

1" thick birch plywood
6" x 6"
ready to hang with or prop on a shelf

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