dara firoozi amethyst necklace


dara firoozi amethyst necklace

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Adarabella Designs is an Ann Arbor, MI based line that provides wearable art as well as Fidget and Sensory Jewelry to help ground the body when anxious or overwhelmed. 

Adarabella Designs is Ann Arbor artist Dara Firoozi's jewelry line that helps ground the body when anxious or overwhelmed. is a mental health conscious brand that works towards easing and aiding stressors and anxieties, as well as taking a step towards ending the negative stigmas surrounding mental health.

Adarabella Designs sprouted from a class project, at the Penny W. Stamps School of Art & Design at the University of Michigan. Dara Firoozi, the artist and designer, wanted to take the sensory grounding kit that she had personally developed with her Physiatrist and make it wearable rather than having to carry a mini mental health tool kit around! 

While many pieces do have fidget or sensory components, or crystal healing, some pieces are explorations of materials, metalsmithing, and creative expression.

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