do one thing every day inspire


do one thing every day inspire

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Stretch the boundaries of your creativity with this quirky 365-day journal. Follow through the pages of quotes, wisdom and encouragement with guided inspirational journaling prompts.

Every day is an opportunity to engage your persistence, patience, imagination, and daring as you test your limits: draw a round figure using only lines, coin a new word, create a recipe showcasing an ingredient you’ve never used before, set a shopping list to a melody.

Each day, insight from famous artists, writers, architects, musicians, chefs, dancers, sculptors, actors, photographers, designers, and other creatives will both challenge and push you. With space to doodle and to record personal epiphanies, watch creativity transcend borders, and prepare yourself to make that leap, too. At the end, you’ll have built a portfolio that showcases your most inspired year ever. 

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