elizabeth benotti salt cellar


elizabeth benotti salt cellar

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Elizabeth Benotti works with porcelain, interchanging slipcasting, handbuilding and wheelthrowing techniques. Her drawings are all inlaid into the clay using a traditional mishima process; the decorative colors are hand painted. Elizabeth lives in Eliot, Maine and create her wares in her Rollinsford, New Hampshire studio.

Keep salt at a pinch's length with this simple salt cellar. The cellar is small enough to not take up too much counter space but large enough for your fingers. You can also store butter, jams, or sugar in this sweet piece of functional art.

Handmade of porcelain; the pattern is hand carved and inlaid with black underglaze.

2" tall x 3" wide, 4 fl oz capacity (1/2 cup)
food, dishwasher, &  microwave safe.
handwashing is always encouraged

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