striped bottles


striped bottles

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Elizabeth Benotti works with porcelain, interchanging slipcasting, handbuilding and wheelthrowing techniques. Her drawings are all inlaid into the clay using a traditional mishima process; the decorative colors are hand painted. Elizabeth lives in Eliot, Maine and create her wares in her Rollinsford, New Hampshire studio.

The striped bottles are functional and decorative oval shaped bottle slip cast with porcelain clay using an in-house made mold. Each bottle is glazed in the inside and on upper half. The stripes are handpainted with a black wash. A food safe cork is included. Use this bottle for oils, wine, apertifs, water . . . water suits your fancy. Just know you have a fabulous piece of art holding any of these liquids!

9" tall x 3.75" long x 2.75" wide
food safe, dishwasher safe.
handwashing recommended

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