highway nico small


highway nico small

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Highway bags are designed by New York City fiber artist Jem Leaf, who hails from Kyoto, Japan. Jem's vision is for professional women to carry a sophisticated and attractive purse that gets her through her workday, daily life, and travels. Her beautiful and functional crossbody shoulder bags are made from durable, sustainable, and high-quality nylon from Japan. 

Highway's signature cross-body shoulder bag with adjustable straps takes you to work, to roam and to travel. Love it for the design, carry it for the functionality, gift it for the originality. Each refreshing and sophisticated color is mixed and dyed by artisans in Japan and carefully conceived by Jem. Your loyal companion for the road made of durable and high-quality Japanese nylon.

The nico small multi-pocket bag is a mid-size purse that comes complete with the functions of all Highway bags.

  • High Quality Japanese Durable Nylon
  • Cross-body Lightweight Shoulder Bag
  • High Quality Nylon Seatbelt Tape
  • Includes Multiple Zipper Pockets, Ipad and Tablet Friendly, and Open Pocket in Back
  • Shoulder Strap Length: 47''
  • Dimensions: 10.5" W x 10.5" H x 2" D
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