meryl jacket black

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meryl jacket black

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The Meryl jacket by Jakett is no mere coat. This is a top of the line cotton and vegan leather piece carefully designed and crafted by Jakett in New York.

The studio is prided on taking a modern twist on the classic jacket, making incredible outwear that transcends seasons. Each piece fits a women's body like a glove. And for a twist of high fashion in the functional way, the Meryl jacket features bendable wire hidden within the collar and cuffs. Twist and play for a sexy tussled look that will stay throughout the day.

Available in in a always timeless black, this cotton jacket is breathable and comfortable, with decorative vegan leather for a luxurious edge. Featuring silver buttons crawling up the forearm, this jacket is a great mix of hard and soft looks for a high end everyday look.

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