wall charm

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wall charm

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Kata Golda is an artist in the small, mossy seaside town of Port Townsend, WA. She grew up surrounded by fiber artists which led her to finding her own voice as an artist and businesswoman. Kata preserves crafts such as needlework, letterpress printing, hand-thrown pottery, hand-dyed textiles, felting and bookbinding. By carefully selecting environmentally friendly materials, using up every little scrap of fabric, and reusing supplies as much as possible, she strives to produce zero waste and have the lowest impact on our planet as possible.

Her work is simply delightful. We are carrying a little Kata Golda story for young people . . . lovely handmade gifts for babies and kids. Or possibly something the child in you can't resist.

Elegantly whimsical, these decorative wall charms bring allure to any space be it living room, workspace or nursery. The charms are entirely hand-stitched on tea dyed hemp/organic cotton canvas and attached to a tea dyed handmade silk rope. Antique metal sequins, plant dyed silk and decorative stitching make these handmade charms truly one of a kind. 

animals are approximately 4-5 x 2.5-4"
silk rope 36" long
tassel at bottom approximately 5" long

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