gold leather bracelet


gold leather bracelet

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Laurel Denise uses her sweet handwriting to create sweet jewelry pieces filled with inspiration and happiness. In 2005, she was working in DC and remembered a dream she'd had the night before in which she was using new tools and materials to create jewelry — tools and materials she'd never used before! She rushed home to her computer to research and plan and figure it out. Six months later, she had a website and her first orders. The rest, as they say, is history. Her work is delicate and sweet and quite wonderful for gifting or embellishing on yourself.

Laurel's leather bracelets are handmade vegetable dyed leather, sourced in the USA. She laser engraves the phrases and words using her own sweet handwriting in very very tiny script. I offer a large variety, perfect for many gifting situations — or for your own enjoyment. Besides brown leather, we carry the bracelets in various colors: gold, silver, coral, and turqouise.

1/4" leather, 2.5" diameter when closed at its smallest point and 3.5" when closed at its largest point
antiqued brass lobster clasp and extension chain

leather softens naturally with use
limit exposure to water for maximum lifespan
handmade in the usa



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