mier lou gold dipped flat circle necklace


mier lou gold dipped flat circle necklace

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New York-based jeweler Mier Luo was raised in Shanghai and Phoenix in an artist family. She received her BFA of Environmental Design and Graphic Design from the Maryland Institute College of Art. With a background in ceramic art and love of craftsmanship, she draws inspiration from texture and form of nature to create quality porcelain-ware, bags, and functional accessories with a modern aesthetic.
All works are made by hand from wet clay, and fired and assembled with quality materials in her studio in NYC.

Mier blends her love of clay and design to create high quality, handmade porcelain jewelry with a natural, modern aesthetic. The gold dipped necklace is 1/4" in diameter, with 22K gold dipped glaze on top of glazed porcelain. The chain is 14K gold filled — which perfect for those with metal sensitivities.

The gold jewelry goes through an independent process: each piece begins as a bit of wet porcelain clay, and is carefully shaped by hand before undergoing two different firings in the kiln. After glaze firing they receive 22K gold glazing and go into another round of kiln firing. Handmade jewelry are one of a kind and all slightly different, with its own character and quirks, making each one wonderfully unique.

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