print fresh palmistry bandana journal


print fresh palmistry bandana journal

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Founded in 2017, Printfresh was born out of artist Amy Voloshin's search for a journal that really inspired her. Everything in the market seemed too preppy, and she wasn’t finding anything that had a bohemian sensibility without being too loud or bright. She envisioned something globally-inspired with an authentic world traveler feel, with tactile finishes and subtle, feminine color palettes. Something that read more fashion than paper. Amy totally scored in her pursuits. She let her textile-driven point of view inform the designs, and interesting fabrics (velvet is always the right choice), metallic foiling, and garment-inspired details like ribbon book marks and frog closures come to define her boho Printfresh style.

This beautifully crafted fabric journal cover (complete with generous starter insert) is here to save you from the disposable journal! The screenprinted fabric is delicately sewn and finished with colorfully dyed fabric frog closures. Fill the pages with your thoughts and sketches, and when you've finished simply swap the insert for a new one! A celestial update to the classic bandana, this navy journal cover plays with vintage paisley-inspired patterning, incorporating illustrations that reflect astrology and palmistry. 

6.25" x 8.75"
screenprinted fabric cover
dyed fabric frog closures
includes 1 starter insert - 300 blank pages

plus, Printfresh gives back to their community:
Founders Amy and Leo Voloshin are deeply committed to creating business and opportunity in Philadelphia’s inner city. Upon becoming parents they became increasingly aware of the lack of supplies and funding for schools and educational programs in their community. As a company, Printfresh is committed to making sure public schools get the programming, paper and art supplies needed to foster creativity in youth.

how they give back:
• Supplying art supplies to local schools
• Purchasing the paper for local schools for the year
• Blog features and interviews on local organizations
• Highlighting organizations on social media to increase awareness, sharing their stories on Instagram, Facebook and their blog
• Participating in speaking events and career fairs to share information about design careers and entrepreneurship
• Donating 5% of online sales each quarter to an organization supporting inner city education or arts
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