mourning dove block print


mourning dove block print

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This is an original block print titled "Mourning Dove".

-Printed in black and yellow ochre eco-friendly ink.
-Open Edition.
-Hand printed onto acid free paper. 

Paper Size: 8x10"
Image Size: 7.5 x 6.5"

This block print started out as a drawing which was transferred to 2 pieces of rubber carving block. The image was then carefully and patiently carved out, inked with eco friendly inks, and hand printed in 2 steps onto lightweight printmaking paper. 

Each print is original and unique with slight variations and will not look exactly as shown. These little differences are not "mistakes" but rather valued variations that show a strong connection between artwork and artist and emphasize the handmade process. This is part of the beauty and originality of each piece. 

All original prints come titled, numbered and signed in pencil. 

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