ember lighter sleeve

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ember lighter sleeve

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If you love high quality handmade leather goods, you’ll love Rustico. After continuously being disappointed in the quality of small notebooks, Rustico creator Isaac Childs wanted something that would keep throughout his travels and permanently hold treasured journal entries. Childs quickly teamed up with his best friends to create a journal that was maul proof, authentic, and crafted right. His brand now produces some of the highest quality leather goods in hopes of inspiring individuals to go out, explore, and create. Based out of Orem, Utah, Rustico is proud of its American artisanship in designing elegant, true-to-yourself hand-sewn journals, notebooks, leather bags and much more.

Fire is an essential part of any camping trip, so ruggedize your all-import fire starter with the ember lighter sleeve. Hand-stitched with Irish waxed linen and embossed with a signature flame emblem, the ember comes in a variety of eather colors and is built to survive in the wild right along with you. Lighter is included, however due to the lighter fluid this item cannot be shipped with the lighter.

1.5" x 3.5"
holds a standard lighter

how to get a rugged patina — or product care:
the oils from your skin shape the patina's look over time — go ahead — handle it
using chemicals will weaken the leather — be patient, its ruggedness will grow in character with you
don't be afraid of a scuff — lick your finger — rub it in
avoid leaving leather in direct sunlight or extreme heat
use Dr. Martens Wonder Balsam for additional leather conditioning


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