oh the hu-manatee socks


oh the hu-manatee socks

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Hello sock lovers! In 2007 Socksmith owners Ellen and Eric Gil began designing their own socks out of their Santa Cruz, California 450-sq-ft sock boutique. It was their customers that led them to set “no boring socks” as their motto and to create comfortable, non-binding socks to make people smile. Colorful, bold graphics and fun, creative designs are what we happily carry from Socksmith Design.

Save your feet – and the environment – wearing graphic bamboo socks. They are constructed from bamboo fiber, which is moisture-wicking and antimicrobial, to keep your feet feeling fresh and dry. The breathable bamboo fiber allows your feet to be comfortable – and you to remain stylish! – while staying warm and dry.

Oh the hu-manatee! These manatees, also commonly known as the sea cow, are going to have you wanting to explore the ocean. Available in papaya, show off your love for these adorable animals by wearing these socks!
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