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small prints

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Artist Rebecca Puig of Sugarboo Designs, creates warm and welcoming artwork and home accessories with soul. Inspired by her love for her family, which is the inspiration for her creative forces, Rebecca incorporates sweet inspirational sayings and images into everything she creates. All Sugarboo pieces are true works from the heart. Handcrafted in her Atlanta studio with her husband.

This sweet and clever painting of a piece of lined paper with the typed word Always is bright colors and  texture. Excsue Me While I Kiss the Sky, is Jimi Hendrix at his best . . . surrounded by colorful birds, yeah baby, it's groovy. Ideal for hanging above a mantel or on a wall.

12" x 12"
handmade from vintage recycled wood
made in the USA
hangs by use of the top ledge — no wire is required

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